Becky Speed: All about the Fembot ***Director’s Choice***


This was our second shoot with Becky. We were so impressed with how she’d responded to hypnosis the first time round, that we couldn’t resist getting her to come back so we could give her even more suggestions. She’s a really fantastic girl too, very chatty and funny, which keeps the conversation going nicely.

In our first Becky shoot, we’d ended the session by giving her the suggestion that she was a fembot. I’d described to her while she was hypnotized how I wanted her to move as a fembot, individual body parts sliding smoothly into place then locking stiffly and sexily… and she’d absolutely nailed the style that I was looking for. Afterwards I kicked myself for only getting around to the fembot suggestions at the *end* of the shoot when we were more or less out of time.

This shoot includes boatloads of content that should please fembot fetishists, (I think gets a mention at one point) as well as anyone that enjoys seeing alternate personality play. Here, at times, we have Becky switching between being a giggling bimbo, a blank fembot, a pissed off and seductive Mistress, a submissive slavegirl, and a sensuous Nymphomaniac!

Becky was *fantastic* at the alternate personality stuff, she’s got experience acting, and that really helped. Not that she *was* acting, but if a hypnotized person has zero experience or interest in playing a part that you ask them to take on, then even if they’re deeply hypnotized, they’ll not be able to do a very good job of it.

(Of course the fun comes from trancing a girl who’s normally shy, but has some fairly vivid and well thought out fantasies that you just happen to get her to open up about whilst under hypnosis… when *that* happens, you can expect behaviour from your shy friend that’s *very* much out of character)

A couple of highlights from the shoot:

Seeing Becky switch between Mistress mode and Slavegirl mode (then back again.) “GIVE me my whip!” / “Sorry sir, here’s your whip” / “WHY do you have my whip slave!?” / “I live to serve Sir” / “I am *NOT* amused”

Putting Becky in “Nymphomaniac” Mode and then asking her what turns her on. At which point she forcibly rips through one of her stockings. (It had gotten laddered already during the shoot… so it was probably only going to get binned anyway… but seeing her almost tearing off her clothes was an *awesome* moment.)

All in all, one of my best shoots. Great robotic movements, a nice spread of suggestions, brilliant freezes, sexy poses, well-realised alternate personalities… the whole Shebang!


The candle soothes away Becky’s mind.

Becky’s Mindless Smile.

Installing Fembot Mode.

Mannequin and Bimbo Modes

Nymphomaniac and Bimbo modes.

Becky-Bot in her jumpsuit.

Mistress mode. Sexdoll Mode.

Mistress and Slavegirl swapping.

Nympho Becky tears off her stockings.

Mindless, then wakes and discusses the shoot.

Video Contents
Introduction n Chat
Forgets being hypnotised
Fembot programming
Doll faced fembot
Feeling bratty, doesn’t want to cooperate.
Controlling bratty Becky
Controlling becky in fembot mode
Fembot Mannequin Poses
Bimbo Mode
Nymphomaniac Mode
Mantra: Becky is a fembot, fembots must obey
Dominatrix Mode
Miss Becky intimidates the cameraman
Miss Becky / Bimbo switch around.
Miss Becky’s backfires.
Mistress Mode / Slavegirl Mode switch around.
Topless fembot modeling.
Adjustable robot level
Semi robot becky / semi robot bimbo
Robo domme
“Glitch” trigger (nympho / fembot / bimbo / becky / mistress malfunction)
Robot Reboot
Slow Freeze
Running Time: 100 Minutes
Purchase Price: $19.99

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  • By Robolvr, 2009/03/04 @ 6:06 am

    Awesome video! Keep hoping for part three!

  • By Deniss, 2009/06/16 @ 12:43 am

    Becky! Becky! Becky!

  • By Soschtur, 2009/06/20 @ 3:11 pm

    How can I deactivite my personality ? – i can imagine, that ist is wonderfull to freeze

    To see the videos is for me not very interessting – but to imagine, what’s happen with me by hypnosis ist very very curiosly.

    Have a good time

  • By JustinMFnTime, 2010/05/02 @ 6:26 am

    Finally got this vid as well been wanting to see it since well BS 1 lmao. Way excited to check out the madness

  • By KaiserNEEDU, 2010/07/02 @ 12:24 pm

    1. you are great^^
    2. could someone explain Nymphomaniac can’t find it on google translator and so on.-.-
    3. you are great^^

  • By Ken Layton, 2010/07/14 @ 6:01 am

    More Becky Bot please! She’s fantastic.

  • By admin, 2010/07/17 @ 8:37 pm

    A nymphomaniac is someone who’s addicted to sex. 😉

  • By Josh, 2011/03/27 @ 10:09 pm

    this is amazing stuff!
    get her back for another shoot!

  • By boobies12, 2011/05/01 @ 11:41 pm

    you gotta put a video wit her boobs showin

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