Miah Croft

Meet Miah!

Miah was a very approachable and friendly Redhead who had a bit of an Alyson Hannigan thing going on. (See some of her pics below.) She’d been pretty keen to get herself hypnotized as soon as she saw my casting call online and heard about a few of the possibilities. She had a really great time, even admitting whilst under that she really liked feeling helpless. (So for part two we did a nice little re-induction where we had her believing she was gagged and tied whilst I dropped her deeper. Hot!)

Hello to all the folks over at the MCForum who’ve given suggestions recently. Thanks to the guy who suggested we make her believe that her clothing was totally inappropriate and that she’d be much happier nude. (The more creative ways I know to get a hypnotized lady nekkid, the better!)

Personal highlights for me include enforced naked aerobics, (whilst she wonders what the hell is going on) some pretty fun word slurring as she believes herself drunk… two sets of zombie walking, her mouth nice and wide as she believes herself hypnogagged… and seeing her only able to say “My Mind Is Going”, triggering herself each time she says it to become a little more blank. She also had a *very* fun time as a guy in a girl’s body and could barely keep her hands off her boobs. As a Mistress she was pretty imposing, but her dominant behaviour was *very* much different to her behavior as her normal self, so really shows off the power of hypnosis and the human mind.

Stills Gallery
(Some staged, some genuine hypno pics from the shoot)

Part One Contents
Candle Induction
Mid-Sentence Sleep
Liar Liar (As Sid the Builder)
Compelled to Parrot (BRAWK Compelled to Parrot)
Eyes Stuck Shut
Sticky Bodyparts
Mental Bondage
Tickled Armpits and Feet
All she can say is “My Mind Is Going”
Mindless and Blank
Mindlessly Undressing
Frozen Flyaround
Posing Frozen Miah
Compelled to Flash, Moon and Spread her Legs
Sorry! This dress is *so* inappropriate!
Compelled to Pose for the Camera
“My Mind is Going” whilst topless
Topless Zombie Walking
Kneeling Submissively
Posed For Inspection
Length: 54 Minutes
Price: $19.99
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Part Two Contents
Corset and Fishnets!
Legs spread on command
Blindfolded and made helpless
Doesn’t know who or where she is
Mentally Gagged
Drunkeness Potion
Drunk Flirty Miah
Compelled to show off her moves
Flirting Lessons
Flashing on command
Finger clicks make her 10% dumber & 10% more horny
Mindless in trance
Guy in a girl’s body
Pendant empties her mind
Mindless Puppet
Choreographed Puppeteering
Sexy camgirl on command
Cat mannerisms
Kitty and the Laser Pen
Laser Pen tickling
Nothing but a kitty cat
Catnip and meowing
More mind removal
Sexdoll on command
Compelled to pose
Body has a mind of it’s own
Why am I stripping?
Enforced aerobics and jogging
Slow Freeze
Posing Miah whilst frozen
Slow Melt
Enchanted by Mistress Miah
Mistress Miah enchants herself
Closing Chat
Length: 92 Minutes
Price: $19.99
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