Welcome to Entrancement

Entrancement is hypnosis site featuring glamorous ladies in genuine hypnotic trances responding to different fun, silly and sexy suggestions!

We have many skits you might see in a "normal" hypnotic stageshow...
Subjects forgetting their names / Hypnotically sticking to things / Squawking like parrots / Walking like sleepwalkers

We *also* feature a host of more kinky and fetish based suggestions too!
Ladies strip-teasing whenever they hear music / Believing themselves nudists one moment, shy girls the next / Finding themselves tied up, tickled, horny, or just mindless and obedient / Being transformed into Mistresses, Slavegirls, Fembots, Statues, Giggling Bimbos, Playful Pets...

Or anything else you might care to imagine!

This site is intended for a mature adult audience. Do not enter if you are under the age of 18 / 21.

I am over 18 / 21 and would like to Enter.

I'm too young, show me the exit!

Lex Lucas is a professional photographer, videographer and fetish film producer.
He has over 15 years experience enchanting, delighting and entrancing the minds of others!